World Chess Championship – Would You Vote for This Format?
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Hi everyone,

We’re up for a bet with you that this chess video beats all the fun at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad for sure – wink! A chess video with a kid taking on an opponent twice his size and four times his age from Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Psst: We heard they’re holding the next world chess championship on this format ;)

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Botvinnik Chess Memorial R6: Eight in Joint Lead!
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Hi everyone,

All that excitement and involvement with the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 may have taken away some of the spotlight from other chess open tournaments. So, here’s a nice report via Chessdom from the very interesting Botvinnik Chess Memorial 2012.

With a large field of 2600+ Grandmasters, the contest is pretty close after six rounds with GMs Alekseev, Areshchenko, Popov, Aleksandrov, Romanov, Bukavshin, Hovhannisyan and IM Demchenko all leading the field with 5,0/6.

They are closely followed by a large group of players with 4,5/6, among which are GMs Onischuk, Khairullin, Lysyj, Zvjaginsev, Khismatullin, Inarkiev, Khalifman, etc. GMs Timofeev, Tiviakov, Matlakov, Andriasian are trailing behind, but in a field of 237 players anything is possible to the end.

Follow the games daily live at the official website.
That’s not Harry Potter is it?

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GM Robert Fontaine joins Agon as chief of staff to Andrew Paulson
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Hi everyone,
International chess Grandmaster Robert Fontaine has joined Agon Limited, the rights holder to the World Chess Championship cycle, as chief of staff to founder and chief executive Andrew Paulson.

Mr Fontaine, the six-times under-20 youth champion for France, becomes a principal aide as Mr Paulson implements his strategy to organise and commercialise the ongoing World Chess Championship cycles, starting with the opening Grand Prix for the 2012/2013 cycle at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand in London in September. Mr Fontaine has won a number of international tournaments over his playing career, including Las Vegas in 2006, Stockholm in 2007 and Paleohora in 2009. He became a Grandmaster in 2002 and a member of the Olympiad chess team in 2004.

He is also known as a presenter for Europe-Echecs, where he interviewed champion players and politicians for video reportage on the world’s leading chess events.

Mr Fontaine said: “I heard about Andrew’s plans to restore chess to its rightful place as a leading global entertainment form, and was extremely interested to see how I could bring my experience to help him realise his ambitions. What Andrew is proposing can only benefit the international chess community through raising the profile of the game and opening up chess to a new generation of players.”

Mr Paulson, the chief executive of Agon, said: “Robert is incredibly well-connected in the chess world, and his experience of interviewing top-ranking Grandmasters and his deep understanding of the complexities of the game will be invaluable as we build up to the start of the next iteration of the world’s most compelling sport.”

On semi-retiring from competitive chess in 2005, Mr Fontaine became a professional chess coach as managing director of the chess club Cannes-Echecs, where he managed a team of ten teaching chess in schools to 4,500 children.

He also introduced chess to the employees of French electricity and gas companies by working with CCAS, the energy industry social fund, to help co-ordinate a scheme that has taught chess to 45,000 people since 2007.

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad R3: Ukraine Survives Israel Scare in Open; China Ground Down Ukraine in Women’s Section
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Hi everyone,

The Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 is only three rounds old. The fun is just starting with stronger teams finding opponents closer in strength. Ukraine nearly lost against Israel, but for a cool turnaround by Ruslan Ponomariov. GM Ponomariov was clearly worse against his Israeli counterpart GM Maxim Rodshtein, but the former World Chess Champion somehow turned the tables after the first time control and managed to win the game. (left Ruslan Ponomariov).

GM Boris Avrukh ground down GM Pavel Eljanov, but GM Andrei Volokitin showed no mercy against GM Evgeny Postny. With Ivanchuk and Gelfand drawing on the top board, Ukraine won the match by 2,5-1,5.

Russia again played safely, scoring three draws and a win by Jakovenko in their match against Latvia. After yesterday’s exhausting game with Lithuania, USA top board Hikaru Nakamura played the necessary 30 moves to take a draw with GM Eduardo Iturrizaga of Venezuela. Nakamura’s team-mates cleared the rest of the opposing team for the convincing 3,5-0,5 victory.

Azerbaijan beat Faroe Island team with 3,5-0,5. England won the derby match against Cuba 3-1 with two full points by the most experienced players Adams and Short. Levon Aronian led the Armenian team to a narrow victory against Spain. Aronian defeated Paco Vallejo with white, while the remaining three boards were drawn. This is the first Chess Olympiad for Spain without Shirov but there is the new-comer Oleg Korneev on their 4th board.

France scored the same minimal victory against Bulgaria thanks to Maxime Vachier-Lagrave’s handling of the rook endgame against Veselin Topalov as the remaining Frenchmen drew their games. In the Women’s Section, World Champion Hou Yifan jumped into play and beat Kateryna Lahno for a very important point. That neutralised IM Maria Muzychuk’s win over GM Zhao Xue. China and Ukraine drew 2-2 score. Georgia and Germany drew as well. However, Poland and France beat Hungary and Austria by a score of 3-1. Serbia beat Spain with 3,5-0,5. Russia and Greece beat Mongolia and Peru with the same score.

World Champion Hou Yifan helps China draw with Ukraine
India narrowly defeated Armenia, thanks to Tania Sachdev and the Czech Republic edged the higher-seeded Romania. The lower-seeded Uzbekistan held USA. Watch all the action live at the official website. (Photos: David Llada, Arman Karakhanyan, Anastasiya Karlovich)

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Secret Chess Passion Revealed by Call-Me-Maybe Pop Star Carly Rae Jepsen!
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Hi everyone,

Guess what chess feature we just read on WPTV? Pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen actually never tours without her chess set. The “Call Me Maybe” singer admits she grew up solving chess puzzles that her stepfather left her as he left home for work. She tells Rolling Stone magazine, “My stepfather used to teach it… (and) he’d put out a chess problem for me to solve. In high school I had a big crush on a boy who played chess, and I thought, ‘This is going to be useful’.”

They should call her, maybe, for the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012!

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad R2: More Chess Videos!
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Hi everyone,

Chess has benefited from the digital camera and the Internet possibly much more than any other sport. That is why we have live chess feed from the world’s best tournaments and awesome chess videos from all over. The Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 is no different. Here are some more chess videos to enjoy from Day 2 at the Chess Olympiad. Have fun. Thanks to the official press team for a great job at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad.

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Short Chess Film – Unexpected Happenings!
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Hi everyone,

Chess is a lifelong love affair with its surprises, twists and excitement. We continue our series of chess videos from around the world. This is a short chess film. A middle aged woman finds herself in an undefinable, black room without any walls. Suddenly, she’s startled by a mantled creature that challenges her to a unique chess game…

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad R2: Top Seeds Drop Points But Maintain Team Wins
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Hi everyone,

Defending champions Ukraine suffered a setback when their top board GM Vassily Ivanchuk lost to Qatar’s GM Mohamad Al-Modiahki. But, they won the match 3-1. Ivanchuk was slightly better with Black but succumbed to a queen assault on the back rank. He resigned at once. 

The United States beat Lithuania by 3,5-0,5 after Hikaru Nakamura beat GM Vidmantas Malisauskas in a marathon 107-moves chess game. Azerbaijan had no difficulty beating Ireland even though the latter’s young talent FM Ryan Rhys Griffiths drew with GM Rauf Mamedov. France and India defeated Peru and Turkey 2016 respectively by a 3-1 score. Poland beat Costa Rica 4-0. China beat Italy with Wang Hao beating Italian-American Fabiano Caruana on the top board.

Russia allowed two quick draws against Greece, but they continued pushing with the white pieces on the remaining two boards. Both Grischuk and Jakovenko were successful and Russia finished the day with a 3-1 victory.

England defeated Brazil by a narrow margin thanks to the full point of Nigel Short, while the remaining three games were drawn. The same scenario was seen in Germany – Georgia, only this time the “executioner” was Arkadij Naiditsch.

Multiple teams in the Women’s section swept past their opponents with perfect scores – China beat Sweden, while leaving the World Champion Hou Yifan on the bench for the second day in a row; Georgia vs Belgium; and Poland vs Venezuela.

In a stunning game, Brazilian WFM Vanessa Feliciano Ebert held European champion Valentina Gunina to a draw but it was not enough to help her team as Brazil fell to the Russian ladies 3,5-0,5.

Former U.S. Champion Anna Zatonskih rested today while her team mates handed Estonia a defeat by a score of 3,5-0,5. In an Asia-Pacific match-up, India won against Australia with the same score.

The Bulgarian team miscalculated and underestimated their Indonesian opponents. With the top Bulgarian lady and former World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova resting, the wily Indonesian team seized advantage of her absence and tied the match.

The top rated competitor in the Women’s Olympiad, Anna Muzychuk of Slovenia, entered the battlefield today to contribute to her team’s 2,5-1,5 victory against The Philippines.

You can keep track of all the live action at the official website both with game boards and live video.

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World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad Begins in Istanbul
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Hi everyone,

The World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad is also taking place in Istanbul from August 28-Sept 6 parallel to the 40th World Chess Olympiad and in the same venue. Each team is composed of 4 players, 1 reserve and 1 captain (or Manager, Trainer). TCF provides free board and lodging for the teams for nine days. 

The tournament will be run as a 10 Round Swiss. Each match between teams will be conducted over 4 boards. The pairings, scoring and tiebreak regulations are in accordance with the Pairing Rules for the Chess Olympiad. The time control is 90 minutes with 30 seconds increments per move starting from first move. Keep track via the official website.

1 Russia Rtg-Ø:2438
1 IM Eliseev Urii 2480 RUS
2 FM Chigaev Maksim 2462 RUS
3 IM Artemiev Vladislav 2476 RUS
4 Sanzhaev Darsen 2335 RUS
Vavulin Maksim 2292 RUS

2 Iran Rtg-Ø:2289
1 FM Javanbakht Nima 2385 IRI
2 FM Kowsarinia Amir 2319 IRI
3 Bolourchifard Farzad 2229 IRI
4 Mousavi Seyed Khalil 2224 IRI
FM Lorparizangeneh Shahin 2201 IRI

3 India Rtg-Ø:2276
1 Narayanan Sunilduth Lyna 2328 IND
2 FM Das Sayantan 2305 IND
3 FM Gagare Shardul 2287 IND
4 Chaithanyaa K.G. 2112 IND
Akash Pc Iyer 2182 IND

4 Serbia Rtg-Ø:2233
1 FM Cabarkapa Novak 2282 SRB
2 Kumic Filip 2230 SRB
3 Radovanovic Nikola 2184 SRB
4 Vucinic Gojko 2237 SRB
FM Dimic Pavle 2155 SRB

5 Australia-Team A Rtg-Ø:2227
1 FM Cheng Bobby 2358 AUS
2 Tan Justin 2221 AUS
3 Matheson Laurence 2140 AUS
4 Chen Pengyu 2129 AUS
Liu Yi 2188 AUS

6 Armenia Rtg-Ø:2218
1 Harutyunian Tigran K. 2308 ARM
2 Petrosyan Manuel 2286 ARM
3 Torosyan Norayr 2188 ARM
4 Kanjaryan Vladimir 2091 ARM

7 Poland Rtg-Ø:2197
1 Nasuta Grzegorz 2275 POL
2 Gajek Radoslaw 2200 POL
3 Nowicki Bartosz 2158 POL
4 Cukrowski Filip 2154 POL

8 Azerbaijan Rtg-Ø:2193
1 FM Izzat Kanan 2326 AZE
2 Nuri Murad 2097 AZE
3 Sadikhov Ulvi 2171 AZE
4 Pirverdiyev Agil 2179 AZE
Bayramov Elvin 1986 AZE

9 Lithuania Rtg-Ø:2167
1 Laurusas Tomas 2402 LTU
2 Stremavicius Titas 2195 LTU
3 Vanagas Tadas 2067 LTU
4 Svitojus Zygimantas 2002 LTU
Brazdzionis Andrius 1919 LTU

10 Slovakia-Team A Rtg-Ø:2162
1 Repka Christopher 2218 SVK
2 Dolnak Michal 2141 SVK
3 Takacs Laszlo 2164 SVK
4 Nayhebaver Martin 2124 SVK
Mraz Ondrej 2063 SVK

11 Georgia Rtg-Ø:2147
1 Shamatava Ana 2086 GEO
2 Khomeriki Nino 2030 GEO
3 Beradze Irakli 2331 GEO
4 Sibashvili Giorgi 2073 GEO
Kumsiashvili Nikoloz 2097 GEO

12 Czech Republic Rtg-Ø:2120
1 Melzer Patrik 2108 CZE
2 Mikes Jan 2125 CZE
3 Szotkowski Jakub 2109 CZE
4 Haman Jakub 2137 CZE
Dobes Vojtech 2060 CZE

13 Turkey-Red Rtg-Ø:2119
1 CM Koksal Ege 2198 TUR
2 Yurtseven Melih 2126 TUR
3 Arat Ufuk Sezen 2124 TUR
4 CM Yuksel Atilla Koksal 2028 TUR
Dedebas Emre Emin 1841 TUR

14 Greece Rtg-Ø:2107
1 Naoum Spyridon 2146 GRE
2 Theodorou Nikolas 2129 GRE
3 Papasimakopoulos Alexandros 2126 GRE
4 Ladopoulos Dimitrios 2027 GRE
Kalogridakis Georgios 2017 GRE

15 Kazakhstan Rtg-Ø:2082
1 Akhmetov Ayan 2252 KAZ
2 Saiyn Zhanat 2188 KAZ
3 Serikbay Chingiz 2017 KAZ
4 Tilessov Danat 1871 KAZ
Mukhit Aisezym 0 KAZ

16 Peru Rtg-Ø:2073
1 FM Cuellar Diego 2273 PER
2 FM Principe Alexander 2228 PER
3 WFM Paredes Bustamante Paula 1893 PER
4 WFM Felix Vega Aurora Edith 1896 PER

17 Slovakia-Team B Rtg-Ø:2029
1 Pechac Jergus 2081 SVK
2 Sosovicka Matej 2040 SVK
3 Haring Viktor 2049 SVK
4 Spacek Oliver 1945 SVK

18 England Rtg-Ø:1996
1 Harvey Marcus R 2134 ENG
2 Hackner Oskar A 2032 ENG
3 Zhang Roy Yinian 1861 ENG
4 Hoare Amy B 1958 ENG
Noel Daniel 0 ENG

19 Moldova Rtg-Ø:1994
1 Iovcov Valerii 2191 MDA
2 Abramciuc Marius 1990 MDA
3 Gorbanovsky Oleg 1968 MDA
4 Cazacu Gabriela 1827 MDA
Cibotaru Alexandr 1371 MDA

20 Australia-Team C Rtg-Ø:1895
1 Chau Bernard 1985 AUS
2 Perera Pasan 1956 AUS
3 WFM Setiabudi Megan 1801 AUS
4 Puccini Jack 1839 AUS
Gu Shirley 0 AUS

21 Turkey-Istanbul Rtg-Ø:1895
1 Gundogan Cem 2012 TUR
2 Yaran Siar 1904 TUR
3 Can Melih Kaan 1884 TUR
4 Eren Ataberk 1780 TUR
Ozgur Tibet Kagan 1653 TUR

22 Turkey-White Rtg-Ø:1889
1 Guven Baris 2015 TUR
2 CM Ozen Bahadir 1909 TUR
3 Benzetsel Ekim 1838 TUR
4 Temizkan Denizcan 1794 TUR
Dogan Sevval 1659 TUR

23 Denmark Rtg-Ø:1872
1 Thybo Jesper Sondergaard 2006 DEN
2 Thogersen Rasmus 1885 DEN
3 Jensen Tobias Ilsoe 1812 DEN
4 Olsen Filip Boe 1621 DEN
Moller Sophus Mechlenburg 1784 DEN

24 Singapore Rtg-Ø:1840
1 Iskandar Bin Abdullah 1985 SIN
2 CM Lim De Li Derek 1863 SIN
3 Lim De Dao Linson 1810 SIN
4 Low Zhen Yu Cyrus 1702 SIN
Lee Qing Aun 1643 SIN

25 Australia-Team B Rtg-Ø:1832
1 Dale Ari 2184 AUS
2 Narenthran Savithri 1749 AUS
3 Simmonds Leteisha 1718 AUS
4 Mithran Mirakla 1675 AUS

26 Malaysia Rtg-Ø:1831
1 Cheong Jie Yao 1691 MAS
2 Lee Kah Meng Elgin 2000 MAS
3 Subramaniam Shreyas 1814 MAS
4 William Lee Kah Howe 1798 MAS
Ding Tze How Dilwen 1710 MAS

27 Kyrgyzstan Rtg-Ø:1823
1 Taalaibekov Tagir 1849 KGZ
2 Nurlanov Zhakshylyk 1912 KGZ
3 Isaev Chingis 1892 KGZ
4 Kenenbaev Aidar 1639 KGZ
Samudin Elina 1509 KGZ

28 United Arab Emirates Rtg-Ø:1796
1 Sultan Marshool 1756 UAE
2 Walid Anwar 1893 UAE
3 Abdulla Abdulwahab 1784 UAE
4 Hamdan Marshool 1749 UAE
Mohamed Marshool 1617 UAE

29 Turkmenistan Rtg-Ø:1788
1 Nazarov Rustem 2108 TKM
2 Kakabayaev Mergen 0 TKM
3 Atabayev Saparmyrat 2106 TKM
4 Meredow Shanepes 1939 TKM
Dovletov Hajugurban 0 TKM

30 Bulgaria Rtg-Ø:1772
1 Petrov Vladimir Sergeev 1991 BUL
2 Petrov Martin 1901 BUL
3 Hristov Kaloyan 1680 BUL
4 Donchev Teodor 1517 BUL
Metodiev Ilian 0 BUL

31 South Africa-Team-B Rtg-Ø:1764
1 Van De Venter Waldo 1914 RSA
2 FM Crismann Alessandro Claudio 1766 RSA
3 Koekemoer Bernard 1765 RSA
4 Moharir Sandip 0 RSA
De La Rey Sean-Luc 1611 RSA

32 Turkey-Turkuaz Rtg-Ø:1756
1 Gokerkan Cem Kaan 1845 TUR
2 Yaver Faik Emre 1782 TUR
3 Erdem Atakan 1756 TUR
4 Kucuk Omer Yasir 1635 TUR
Tan Cenker Eren 1639 TUR

33 Turkey-Red Girls Rtg-Ø:1708
1 Keskin Suara 1751 TUR
2 Yigit Aleyna 1714 TUR
3 Aksoy Ayca 1696 TUR
4 Gundogan Sinem Cagla 1669 TUR
Ayazmali Gizem 1612 TUR

34 South Africa-Team-A Rtg-Ø:1686
1 Pon Matt 1832 RSA
2 Bezuidenhout Roland 1942 RSA
3 De Abreu Roberto N 1970 RSA
4 Darling Simeon C. 0 RSA

35 Iraq Rtg-Ø:1602
1 Moazaz Dhahir Habeeb 1702 IRQ
2 Noori Sabah 1847 IRQ
3 Hussein Abbas 0 IRQ
4 Rabeea Sabah Nori 1860 IRQ
Shkar Hamid Abdullah 0 IRQ

36 Turkey-White Girls Rtg-Ø:1505
1 Mutlu Beste 1646 TUR
2 Kargaci Humeyra 1514 TUR
3 Ayan Bengu Sena 1475 TUR
4 Ozbay Ece 1383 TUR
Yildiz Gunes 0 TUR

37 Scotland Rtg-Ø:1382
1 Mcdonald Ian 1869 SCO
2 Abdulla Murad 0 SCO
3 Mccusker Andrew 1659 SCO
4 Deary Daniel 0 SCO
Roy Zak 0 SCO

38 Lebanon Rtg-Ø:1238
1 FM Chahrour Ibrahim 1953 LIB
2 Najarian Nareg 0 LIB
3 Hamad Mohammad 0 LIB
4 Khairallah Ralph 0 LIB
Mouwakdie Mathieu 0 LIB

39 Libya Rtg-Ø:1187
1 Shalghum Mustafa 0 LBA
2 Alarabi Abdelalim 0 LBA
3 Fellah Mohamed 0 LBA
4 Al Sori Mohamed 1749 LBA
Zwayed Mohamed 0 LBA

40 Sweden Rtg-Ø:1131
1 Paltzer Brandy 0 SWE
2 Andreasson Linn 0 SWE
3 Weinman Rina 1525 SWE
4 Kraemer Ina 0 SWE
Paltzer Triina 0 SWE

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 First Few Official Videos
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Hi everyone,

Here are the first few official chess videos from the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012. Only two rounds have been played so far.

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 R1 – Top Seeds Win, No Team Upsets
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Hi everyone,

The 40th World Chess Olympiad began in Istanbul and the first round saw top seeded teams sail along. A total of 158 teams are competing in the Open Section, while the Women Section has 124 teams. Most of the top players in each team sat out for the first round as the Swiss pairing puts higher rated teams against lower-rated ones. Nevertheless, world #4 Teimour Radjabov played on the first board for Azerbaijan, scoring an important victory against IM Michael Wiedenkeller of Luxembourg. Azerbaijan won convincingly 4-0.

Russia against Dominican Republic in Round 1

In the Open Section Ukraine began by defeating Iraq 4-0, in a reprise match of the opening of the 2010 Khanty-Mansiysk Olympiad, where Ukraine won the gold medal. Is the history repeating itself for Ukraine?

USA secured a perfect 4-0 score against Jordan, while Armenia scored 3-1 against Bolivia. Bolivia’s first and only Grandmaster, Oswaldo Zambrana, stunned the much higher rated GM Sergei Movsesian. Russia gained a quick 3-0 against Dominican Republic, but in one of the longest games of the day FM William Puntier held GM Evgeny Tomashevsky to a draw.
In the Women’s Section, the top seeded teams gained convincing victories. China, Russia, Georgia, USA, India and Poland scored 4-0 against Bandgladesh, Bolivia, Guatemala, New Zealand, FYROM and Dominican Republic, respectively.

However, WIM Lougain Dahdal of Jordan defeated IM Lilit Galojan of Armenia to reduce the losing margin to 1-3. 
WFM Gabriela Maria Avelar Bonilla from El Salvador snatched a draw from the much higher rated IM Anna Ushenina from Ukraine, however Ukraine still was victorious with 3,5-0,5 match score. You can also track all the live action at the official website.

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David Hua, 15, Wins Atlantic Chess Open
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Hi everyone,

We’ve been following the US chess scene and our amazed at the potential. The US has also just sent their strongest-ever chess team to the Istanbul Chess Olympiad.
Here is some chess news via the official US Chess Fed website. Fifteen-year-old David Hua has won the 44th annual Atlantic Chess Open held August 24-26. He played aggressively and avoid mistakes!

 “I had no real expectations,” Hua said. That style and approach helped catapult Hua into history as the youngest player ever – or at least in recent history – to win first place in the Atlantic Open, organizers of the event told Chess Life Online. Hua took clear first place by scoring 4.5 out of 5 points.

“I don’t believe that I can recall anyone who was even close to that age,” said TD Steve Immitt, who ran the Atlantic Open from 1994 through last year and was on hand at this year’s event, which drew 310 to 320 players. Immitt said he thought the next youngest person to win the Atlantic Open was Eric Most, who was 17 or 18 when he tied for first at last year’s Atlantic Open with IM Yury Lapshun. Although this year’s tournament fielded only two GMs, two IMs and 20 masters, Immitt says the 4.5 out of 5 points that Hua scored was no easy feat. Read the full article at the Chess Life Online.

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Vintage Chess Set Video Collage!
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Hi everyone,

We don’t have the details on this one, but it’s a beautiful vintage chess set. Couldn’t resist sharing this chess video. Take a look.

If you have a chess video to share, shoot an email to ChessBlog.

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Vancouver Chess Kid Ashley Tapp Continues ‘I-Will-Play-in-Slovenia Mission’
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Hi everyone,

Ashley Tapp in a
Nakamura simul
Remember Ashley Tapp from Vancouver? The 12-year-old chess kid is determined to compete in the World Youth Chess Championship in Slovenia in November. The straight-A student is on a fundraising spree for her participation. Ashley was fundraising at the PNE Monday afternoon by playing any fairgoers willing to donate money and go head-to-head against Canada’s chess-playing girl qualified to play for the world title girls under 12.

“I like to be challenged when you play chess,” she told. She’s raised nearly $1,000, but needs still needs another $6,000 for the trip to Europe. Ashley’s mother Sophia said her daughter has dedicated her life to the game after discovering a library chess club when she was eight.
“She’s got a passion for chess and she needs the opportunity,” Sophia said. “It’s a girl doing this and girls have had a hard time playing chess.”
You can help Ashley make her trip to Slovenia by donating at her site, and follow her fundraising journey on her Facebook page.

Ashley is at the PNE’s Celebration Plaza all week 1 to 4 p.m. playing against anyone who thinks they can best her.

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad: Opening Ceremony Videos
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Hi everyone,

The Istanbul Chess Olympiad has begun and here are some opening-ceremony videos. You can follow all the action live both with video and games at the official website. The complete pairings are available at this link. The World Chess Olympiad started today with the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kilic making the first move for GM Zhao Xue in the match China – Bangladesh. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Turkish Chess Federation President Ali Nihat Yazici were also present on the occasion.

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Awesome Chess Endgame Training Software – GM Panchenko’s Course
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Hi everyone,

Computer Chess Guru Steve Lopez describes the Chess King Training ENDGAME Software Series. A total of 300 THEORETICAL POSITIONS AND 350 PRACTICE EXERCISES, Recommended Level: INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED PLAYERS 1500-2400 ELO. For club, intermediate and advanced players. This course is composed by GM Panchenko.

Its aim is to teach the students the intricacies of the endgame through a theoretic section, which includes over 700 games/lectures, each of them illustrating theoretical and practical endgame methods. The training section has more than 300 practical endgame exercises, covering every type of endgame a tournament chess player should know, from endgames with few pieces to complicated pawn endgames, etc. Knowing how to play chess endgames well will give you a big edge in tournaments. You get plenty of feedback and opportunity to track your progress. Critical knowledge to increase your understanding of chess endgames. You can choose the number of positions in the tests, as well as the material covered. Studying chess endgames will give you many positive results in practical play. You can get the best deal (as one disk or in combos) exclusively on

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Interesting Chess Video – Feynman on Chess, Science
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Hi everyone,

All those videos about chess and science or any other aspect of life bewitch us. Here is a nice compilation by Paul Schonfeld as Richard Feynman describes the process of scientific discovery to be like watching a small corner of a chess board and trying to figure out how the game works.

Richard Phillips Feynman (May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988) was an American theoretical physicist. For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman, jointly with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965.

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad Photo Trivia + Opening Ceremony Info
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Hi everyone,

First up the chess photo trivia! These are the women’s defending champions’ team from Russia at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012. Can you name all the people in the photo? Click on the chess team’s photo to see the answer and read Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s post in her personal blog at

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony update is that it takes place today – August 27 at the WOW Convention Center at 21:30 local time in Istanbul. The ceremony will be broadcast live in four languages simultaneously via the official website. It will include a warm welcome to the participants, presentation of the host country, a rich cultural program, national and FIDE anthems, officials speeches, and the drawing of colours for the first round.

The opening ceremony will be preceded by a press conference of the Turkish national teams at 19:00 and by the Captains meeting at 20:00, both to be held at WOW Hotel.

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Livigno Chess from Sept 10 in the Italian Alps
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The 3rd International Livigno Chess Open is grabbing interest from players from all over the world. Few weeks before the tournament (which will take place from 10th to 17th September in Livigno, a beautiful village on the Italian Alps) there are about 60 players who registered – among them 21 GMs and IMs, despite the Chess Olympiad taking place just before this event. In total no less than 17 nations are represented in probably one of the highest located chess competitions in the world.

Sergey Volkov (Russia – 2011 winner) has confirmed his participation, as well as 2009 Senior World Champion Miso Cebalo (Croatia) and quite a few players from India. Overall there are 26 players with Elo above 2400; 16 above 2500 and one above 2600, the Luxembourgian-Italian Alberto David. Moreover there will be a big group of Italian players, such as Duilio Collutiis, Andrea Stella, Alessio Valsecchi, Marco Codenotti and Fabio Bruno.

All of them will compete for the prize money (a total of 9,000 euro) as well as a prestigious Baume & Mercier watch, a whole Parmesan Cheese wheel (weighing about 40 kilos) and plenty of local products.

There will be two tournaments, one for the players with Elo above 2000 and one for all the others – therefore even less strong people will have their chance to have fun.

All this will take place in Livigno, a nice mountain resort in Italy surrounded by woods, with a great panorama and plenty of side activities. More information on the resort: Deadline August 31. Find more info at the official website.

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Isthmia Chess 2012 – GM Dmitry Svetushkin Wins Title on Tiebreak
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GM Dmitry Svetushkin has won the International Chess Tournament Isthmia 2012, according to the latest tournament chess news via The 2nd International Chess Tournament Isthmia 2012 was held from August 18-25 August at the beautiful Alkyon Resort Hotel in Vrachati Korinthias, Greece.

GM Dmitry Svetushkin 

In the thrilling finale Moldavian GM Dmitry Svetushkin defeated the earlier leader IM Shyam Sundar from India to finish with 7/9 points and claim the winner’s trophy on superior tie-break. The key game for Svetushkin was probably the 8th round encounter when he managed to escape from the grim position against the Dutch talent GM Robin Van Kampen.

Canadian IM Eric Hansen continued the string of excellent results after recently sharing the 5th place in the World Junior Championship in Athens. Possibly encouraged with the presence of his trainer IM Miodrag Perunovic, Eric performed splendidly, beating the strong GM Ioannis Nikolaidis in the last round with black pieces, to finish equal first (2nd on tie-break) and claim his first GM norm. IM Miroslav Miljkovic from Serbia earned his 2nd GM norm, while Sebastian Filippas from Greece scored an IM norm. 

The B Group, reserved only for players rated under 1900, had 67 participants from France, Chile, China and Greece. Petros Rahmanidis (GRE 1710) is the convincing winner with 8.5/9, leaving the nearest follower point and a half behind. Five blind players also competed in this section.

The Blitz tournament with 56 players was held on 20-21st August. GM-elect Sahaj Grover took a clear with place with 7.5 points, leaving GM Sethuraman SP and GM Alexandr Fier half a point behind. (
Photos courtesy of the official website.)

Final top standings (Group A):
1-3. GM Svetushkin Dmitry MDA 2569, IM Hansen Eric CAN 2472 and IM Shyam Sundar M. IND 2486 – 7.0
4-9. GM Fedorchuk Sergey A. UKR 2639, GM Van Kampen Robin NED 2565, GM Firman Nazar UKR 2535, GM Adhiban B. IND 2553, GM Iordachescu Viorel MDA 2645 and IM Maghalashvili Davit GEO 2482 – 6.5
10-14. IM Miljkovic Miroslav D SRB 2449, IM Georgiadis Ioannis GRE 2445, IM Akshayraj Kore IND 2483, GM Sethuraman S.P. IND 2546 and Filippas Sebastian GRE 2268 – 6.0
15-25. GM Nikolaidis Ioannis GRE 2562, IM Debashis Das IND 2446, IM Grover Sahaj IND 2516, GM Antic Dejan SRB 2506, IM Vishnu Prasanna V IND 2435, IM Perunovic Miodrag SRB 2461, IM Azaladze Shota GEO 2466, Nikolaou Georgios GRE 2224, Markidis Konstantinos GRE 2351, Vafiadis Kleanthis GRE 2317 and Galopoulos Nikolaos GRE 2402 – 5.5 etc

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